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With over 10 years of experience in envirnomental consulting, I’m well positioned to help your organisation navigate your environmental obligations.

Why address your waste?

When you address your businesses waste, you will be doing a big favour to our environment and not to mention saving money in the long term.

With the amount of waste humans are producing being at colossal proportions, our landfills are quickly filling up and our wildlife, ecosystems and oceans are being impacted.

We are all trying to do our bit. There are actually a lot of precious resources in our waste, which otherwise ends up sitting in the ground for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Many of these resources can be avoided in the first place, reused or repurposed! Remember the 3 R’s REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.

Many people may not realise that landfill waste leaches methane, a greenhouse gas / Co2, into the atmosphere. This contributes to global warming and consequently climate change.

Many organisations and corporations are now addressing their waste as a matter of corporate responsibility. More and more customers and clients look favourably upon businesses that are trying to manage their waste in a more sustainable manner.

Addressing your businesses waste can save your business money! Landfill levy rates are continuing to go up and purchasing resources costs your business money in the first place. New markets are opening up for the repurposing of waste into other products.
It makes sense separating recycling and waste correctly.

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