Environmental Education & Consulting

A waste-based consultancy that delivers waste audits, waste education & training to cleaners, managers and staff.

We also provide interactive workshops to businesses, schools, Universities and community groups about a host of topics; i.e. make your own DIY natural personal care and cleaning products, without the nasties. 

How can we help you?

We work with a range of private and public businesses including; local government, commercial enterprises such as shopping centres, retail and commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and many others.

If your business is wanting to improve its recycling and separation rates, we can help!

Kristy Hobson Ecoconnect Consulting

About Me

Kristy Hobson, Director

I’ve had a strong passion and interest in sustainable waste management for as long as I can recall.

With over 10 years of industry experience, I’ve learned how to effectively communicate correct waste and sustainability practices and systems with a diverse range of people. I help to inspire others to take action and ownership when it comes to managing their waste. 
My methodology is holistic and well-rounded and utilises core behaviour change strategies to achieve long lasting change.

I specialise in creating educational content that is engaging, palatable, interesting and fun! This approach helps staff and contractors to take on new ideas about waste and adopt positive behaviour and practices.


  • Bachelor of Social Science & Environments RMIT University Melbourne – top 15%, member of Golden Key Society.
  • Professional Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training for the workplace, obtained from Positive Intelligence Melbourne.
  • CERES – Environmental Education Training, including Behaviour Change and Waste education training for environmental educators. 
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment – for professional trainers.
  • Cert IV Certificate III Micro Business Operations, Kangan institute.

Would you like to work with me?

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